Hello!, I’m Joseph seifert


I have over 10 years of experience in motion graphics & animation.

My professional path has been shaped by live show animation, projection mapping, commercial broadcasting, and advertisement. My career has allowed me to cover a variety of creative bases and I love it all.

Every project requires a unique and creative resolve - my goal is to achieve this through solid pipelines of workflow, communication and staying up to date with evolving creative trends.

I’m originally from the west coast and was raised in rural Pennsylvania. I later graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and moved out west!

I’ve been living in the bay area for over 4 years and currently reside in Oakland.

I absolutely love to watch/talk and play ice hockey. I’m currently practicing and will hopefully be joining a league soon! I also enjoy such nerdy things as gaming past my bedtime and Dungeons & Dragons (Dwarf Warrior fight me).

Please feel free to contact me!

  • Joe